“If you get a second chance in life, you’ve got to go all the way.”

Lance Armstrong


We believe we can be of great service because of the skills of our trainers. We can facilitate workshops and training programs designed to help people to gain insight into themselves to find value in their lives, let go of the past and create a better future to have once they get out, so they don’t want to come back. To prepare them for their return into the community, to teach them that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to, to break the patterns of the past, let go of negativity, and create a better future for themselves, and for the others in their lives. So the last thing they want to do is spend considerable amounts of time locked in a small box, when there is so much more they can do out in the World.

“By participating in this training I have gotten the feeling that I still have a chance in society.”



Working in prison is stressful. Wouldn’t it be useful if you can help to release this stress through staff training sessions, so that when your staff leaves work they don’t take their stress home with them?. Your staff will be trained in the different levels of communication with inmates, to allow for more open communication, to be able to tell where someone is coming from at any moment, and to communicate back to them at the level they are actually communicating from.

  • Inmates will feel more understood
  • Your staff can defuse situations before they get to a critical point, and detecting danger signals long before they develop into a situation requiring a deeper level of intervention.
  • They can also better encourage and support inmates towards a better future when they get out, so they don’t return through the revolving door of reoffending.

“Never knew my behaviour was shaped by my thoughts, and that I can change that myself.”



No matter how good you already are, you can always be better. This program can help improve communication on all levels. For example, it will help you to elicit your values, specifically in the context of work, and then through staff training to align their values with yours. When the values of the staff are in alignment with the values of those in charge of an organization this leads to a smoother workflow and better productivity, a more positive environment for all, and a better chance of achieving the desired outcomes for the service. We all have values for everything, so we are not talking about changing people’s values about their personal lives, just within the work context, so everyone is pulling in the same direction together. Once 51% of staff buy into changes then the rest follow.

“I’ve had the opportunity to take huge steps in my personal development. With this program, I’ve learned so much about myself. That sometimes hurt, but it’s so valuable.”