“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela


Did you know that prison education is almost twice as cost-effective as confinement?

Did you know that prison education is almost twice as cost effective as confinement? But there is more. There is a logical argument for prison education. It is a cost -effective way to reduce crime and leads to long-term benefits across the entire planet.

It has always been widely known that education programs in prison play a large role in reducing recidivism. Education opportunities in prison are key to reducing crime. It’s a cost-effective way to reducing crime and leads to long-term benefits across the entire planet.
Over the past 20 years, multiple studies have shown that investing in an educational prison program will reduce recidivism rates. This action translates into crime reduction.

95 Out of 100 people who are now in prison will eventually return to society. Investing in a powerful and innovative program is a way to improve the well-being of the community. Results will emerge that help everyone live a happier and safer live. EVERYONE!

Beyond Bars Institute gives inmates a chance to prove they can do better, even after a fall.
It doesn’t mean we excuse negative behavior. It means we take people where they are in life and equip them with the right skills to make them more effective in their life and in society.

The very best practitioners for this work would be ex inmates that have gone through their probation period and successfully stayed out. Beyond Bars Institute will provide the possibility to train these people in the skills of NLP , then they can go back into the prison to help others change their minds. This will be together with a certified NLP Trainer. They also gain a professional qualification, so they can create their own independent life away from prison connections.


Transform the planet into a future we all would love to be part of, by turning prisons into schools!
Let’s change the “Higher School for Crime’ into the ‘Higher Learning School’.


To provide prisoners and prison staff with the most powerful , innovative, evidence-based tools for successful rehabilitation, self-transformation and personal growth.


To inform and assist people into understanding how their mind works, so they can create positive change, communicate better, break free from past limitations and head towards the life they were meant to be living.


Using Beyond Bars programs

“Never knew my behavior was shaped by my thoughts, and that I can change that myself.”





“Are you sure this is my husband?”

Wife of an inmate